The MLB season starts with a bang

The day after the World Series ended, ESPN released its way too early rankings for the 2018 season, and the world champion Houston Astros sat atop the list. After winning the World Series in game seven, Houston was favored to repeat and win the World Series the following year, but after two weeks of baseball they have fallen out of the top spot in the rankings.

The Boston Red Sox have taken the number spot as the hottest team in baseball. They have started the season 13-2 and have a powerhouse offense that cannot stop scoring runs. The Astros are in the second spot as their team continues to have some of the strongest pitching in the league. The surprise of the top five is the New York Mets. After not even going .500 last year, the Mets have found themselves with a 12-2 record, one of the best in the majors.

Just outside of the top five are the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees. After facing each other in the postseason last year, the teams find themselves in a similar position this year. At the start of this season it appeared that the Indians offense was in a slump, while their pitching was as good as its always been. The Yankees acquired national league MVP Giancarlo Stanton in the offseason, but he has started the season by barely hitting .200. Their star player, Aaron Judge, has seemed to start where he left off in October, because he has now become the quickest person to hit 60 career home runs.

The rest of the power rankings are to be expected, with the Cincinnati Reds and Miami Marlins battling for 29th. While the Marlins have a better record, they have started the season in last place and do not appear to be moving up in the rankings anytime soon. The Reds once again have had a poor offensive output behind a horrible pitching performance.

It may only be the third week of baseball, there are many teams who already seem like they are going to make it to the postseason.The Cleveland Indians are projected to have the best record in baseball, and have the second best odds to win the World Series behind the Houston Astros. The Red Sox and Dodgers also look like shoe-ins for October baseball.

The real question of this season will be if teams that came out with an early start can finish the season strong. If the Mets can keep playing strong, they are on pace to win almost 100 games and could make a surprise postseason run. Many fans of baseball would not be upset to see them back in the World Series, after they have had two bad seasons since losing the 2015 World Series.

If the 2018 season is as exciting as the past two years have been, the MLB may be on the rise. This season looks to be an interesting one, and fans will have to wait through these next 160 games before the excitement of October baseball will set in.

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