‘The Mandolorian’ Show Review

Do you know Baby Yoda? Yes, the thing that took over the internet for almost a month, you know what it is? Of course you do! This review will be over the show that Baby Yoda is in! The Mandolorian! Most people probably don’t even know what The Mandalorian is, which makes sense since they’re so caught up on Baby Yoda memes instead.

   So, what is The Mandalorian? The Mandalorian is a show about a lone bounty hunter who makes his way through the outer reaches earning his keep, after the fall of the galactic empire. It sounds more boring than it actually is, keep in mind BABY YODA. In the show Mando is the bounty hunter. It starts out showing how careless Mando is but when he gets a new bounty, he finds out the bounty is only a child. He decides to take care of this child which shows the good and innocence in him.

   The beginning of the show starts extremely well, it catches your attention almost immediately, with Mando on a bounty hunt. He finishes his mission and comes back to his contractor and asks for a new mission. His contractor only gives him an option of 3 cheap missions, but Mando feels like there’s something else. Mando proceeds to tell him to give him a better mission or he’s going to leave. So then the contractor gives him a new mission saying he needs to locate and kill a 50 year old creature. He immediately accepts because for some reason, this mission pays a lot. 

   Mando heads to the location of the bounty but finds out he needs a certain animal to ride to get to the area of the bounty. He finds an old man who decides to help him, so he teaches him how to learn how to control the animal. He rides to the area of the bounty but has to get through a lot of guards. He thinks about the situation and realizes it would be too hard to kill all the guards alone, but then a bounty droid shows up and starts killing the guards. Mando jumps in and starts helping him kill all the droids. He talks to the droid and they agree to split the bounty. They reach the inside and Mando and the droid see a child creature of some sort. The droid tries to kill the creature but Mando kills the droid before he can. He takes the kid back to the old man’s house to thank him and to go back to his ship, but when he gets to his ship he sees it’s torn apart and scrapped. So now he has to get his ship parts back as well as fix his ship. 

   He manages to get his ship parts back by going on a mission to get an egg from an animal in that area, which is also where he finds out this creature has some sort of weird power to move objects with its mind. He takes the kid back to where he got the mission from and asks what they’re going to do with the kid, and he is told it’s none of his business. Mando proceeds to give him the child but after an hour or two of thought he goes back and forcefully takes the kid back. This causes conflict in the town, starting a whole town battle. His fellow Mandalorians come to the rescue and help him escape. 

   Mando then goes to hide out on a planet basically uninhabited, with very little population. He helps them with a vermin problem and ask the people there to take the kid and take care of him because he can’t do that as of now, they agree but then someone almost kills the kid but thankfully one of the people on that planet kill him before he kills the kid. Mando then realizes the kid isn’t safe without him so he takes him with him. The rest of the show is basically just Mando fighting off bandits who try to kill Baby Yoda.

   All in all, I personally think The Mandalorian is one of the best live action Star Wars shows ever made. It even feels more like Star Wars to me than the new Star Wars movies. It has that old Star Wars feel to it, unlike the new Star Wars movies, that feel like completely different movies. I think The Mandalorian accomplished way more success from the show than the writers and director expected.

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