The Gymnastics team remains undefeated at worthington kilbourne

 Darby Gymnastics remains undefeated. On Thursday, January 17th, the gymnastics team dominated at Worthington Kilbourne. The meet was called, “Beauty and the Beast,” because it showcased a double meet with gymnastics and wrestling at the same time, in the same gym.

Jenna Hartwell

  The Darby gymnastics team’s first event was bars. Freshman, Ella Clement, started off the night with high expectations by doing a flawless back hip circle, which is 360° around the bar. Some other highlights from this event were from sophomores, Kate Kline and Bailey Miller. On the high bar Kline did a jam. This is where she releases from the bar in a straddle and grabs back onto it. Miller had performed a monkey circle, in which she squatted in a pike position onto the bar and did a 360° around it. As a whole, the team performed exponentially well and ended with a team score of 32.700.

  Next the team went to beam. On this event some members of the team added a new skill into their routine like junior, Caitlin McCann. She had been working on a connection for cartwheel round-off for most of the season. During her routine she nailed it and never fell off once. Another memorable part of beam was from freshman, Anne Hassay. In her routine she did a back handspring back handspring and dismounted with a full. On beam, the team did another amazing job with a team score of 33.300.

Left to right- Reema Ayesh and Hailey Hacker

After the team moved on to floor. Both seniors, Haley Hacker and Reema Ayesh executed their routines perfectly because they prepared by acting like every practice is a meet.

   “We practiced super hard. I acted like all practices and warm ups were me competing in real life.” Ayesh said.

  The team did a fantastic job on floor with some cool tumbling like Hacker and her round-off back layout. The team ended with a high team score of 33.700.

  The last event of the night was vault. Many members of the team did a standard front handspring onto the vault with near perfection. Another skill shown on vault was made by freshman, Annemarie Bayer. She did a Yurchenko with a half twist off. This means she ran towards the vault and did a round-off onto the springboard then continued a back handspring with a twist. Another high team score for Darby at 31.800.

  Darby had another clean meet with high scores and perfect routines. Final results in the all around Bayer got 6th place and Hassay won 1st place helping Darby gymnastics win, keeping their streak strong. Watch Darby gymnastics continue their journey on January 29th at 6:30pm at Hilliard Davidson.

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