The Fantastic Winter Show

Hilliard Darby Theatre continues its 2019-2020 season with a production of Fantastic Mr. Fox in February of 2020. The upcoming show is based on the children’s book of the same name, Fantastic Mr. Fox, written by Roald Dahl.

   The story follows a family of foxes and other animal families who steal from and try to survive the several attempts of three farmers who try to kill them. It is it is set on the three farmer’s land as well as the fox’s home and underground, and the stage is made of a hill merged with a dinner table where the story’s events are told. The production is very reliant on work by the tech team, especially on lights, which is why Sam Ninde, a tech member responsible for lighting design and operating the light board which controls all the lights and arrangements in the performing arts center, gives his take on the challenges of the show.

   “One challenge about this production is that we have limited time to complete all the work that has to be done,” says Sam Ninde. “From a lighting standpoint, it’s difficult because we are working with new equipment that we haven’t used before.”

   Rachael Wagoner, the head sound board operator, also gave her input about the challenges the tech team faces for the production which they have faced many times before. She says that it isn’t unusual for shows to have a shortened production time or run into issues, such as the are theatre conference taking up build time.

   “It’s also a new challenge to work with an above ground pit orchestra. Typically when there’s any type of instrument used during a theatre production they are below in the pit orchestra. But for this production we are putting them on the tabletop in view of the audience,” said Wagoner.

   The tech team always continues to move through both expected and unexpected challenges that come with creating the stage, props, lighting, and having sound in each and every production. Fantastic Mr. Fox will undoubtedly continue on with the help of both the actors and tech team and open on February 7th and 8th next month.

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