The Earth is our future!

Earth day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. Over one billion people in 192 countries celebrate this day. There are many different ways to get involved for this year’s Earth Day. Some people like to march to raise awareness, some do a clean up in their town, and many others like to plant trees and other flowers.

  The world is facing its greatest rate of extinction since the dinosaurs vanished over 60 million years ago. Bees, coral reefs, giraffes and whales are the most at risk. This is due to habitat destruction, climate change, deforestation, pollution, and poaching, which are all man-made.

  Biology teacher Ms. McDaniels explains why Earth Day awareness is so important.

  “When we take a look at our carbon footprint, we realize that most of us are using too many resources than are being replenished each year. This is why everyone should be more aware of our world’s sustainability all year round,” informs McDaniels.

  This Earth Day’s theme is “Save the Species” focusing on a couple individual animals, like the bees! They may seem like scary bugs that are just trying to sting you in the summer, but bees do a lot more than just that. Bees pollinate our earth, but recently insecticides have been decreasing the bee population.

  Turtles are also at a great risk of extinction. Every day, a new nesting site is ruined, leaving the turtles no place to be born.

  Also in danger are the coral reefs in the oceans. Coral reefs have been at risk for a while now due to climate change that threatens over 75% of the reefs.

  There are many ways to get involved with Earth Day. Try using less plastic and make the switch to alternatives like metal to help decrease our pollution rates, take shorter showers, and turn off your lights before you leave your house. Even the little things will matter in this situation. Let’s see how much we can change the world together this Earth Day.