The Earth is getting hotter

Species are dying, ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and the Earth is getting hotter. From the result of it, to the ways people are trying to combat it, global warming is something we hear a lot about.

  The things that led to global warming have been around for a long time. It’s caused by gas that is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This gas is heating the earth.

  The heating of the plant is happening gradually, and is expected to increase anywhere from 1.4 to 5.8 °C by the year 2100 (livescience).

“The Earth is getting hotter” Artwork created and photo taken by Kiera Toliver.

  The hotter it gets, the harder it is for certain plants and animals to survive. There are some species that are struggling to survive due to hotter temperatures like polar bears. Polar bears need the cold weather and ice to survive, but they are seeing their habitats diminish due to the melting of the ice.

  The increase in temperature is also causing other problems, like a rise in sea levels. The melting of the polar ice caps, is causing a rise in sea level that is happening very rapidly (Global Warming Is Happening Now).

  With the rise in sea level, there comes more problems. This can affect anywhere from coastal lands to farm lands. It can result in floods, and this creates unsafe places for people and animals to live.

  The heat has caused a destruction of ecosystems, which is making it hard for species to survive and is contributing to climate change. Trees are being cut down at a rapid rate, and is causing severe problems. Among them is the fact that there aren’t enough to filter the carbon and freshen the air.

 The problems facing the Earth’s climate are many, but there are also many ways to help stop it. Clean energy is a big one, and is somethings that many countries are getting behind. The more people that accept global warming, the more that can be done about it.


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