The Darby Theater performs an American classic

On February 2nd and 3rd, the Darby Theatre Troupe performed the American classic, Charlotte’s Web.

  The theatre’s play follows the original children’s book by E. B. White. The story centers around the life of a pig named Wilbur. He was the runt of his litter and was about to be killed when he was saved and moved to the farm across the street. Over on the other side he meets a spider named Charlotte and many other new friends. Again, Wilbur’s death is looming but Charlotte has a chance to save him.

  The play commenced by three narrators setting the scene. Wilbur the pig, played by Junior Garrett Fant, is on stage as the audience learn he is the runt of his litter. John Arable, played by Sophomore Ben Medrano, is ready to slaughter Wilbur for meat but before he can, Fern Arable, played by Junior Lauren Noble, stops him. Soon Wilbur and Fern become friends. Then he grows too big for the family to support him and is moved across the street to the Arable’s cousin’s farm, the Zuckerman’s. There Wilbur meets the aforementioned friends like Charlotte, who played by Kathryn McCarty. Throughout the play he has many chances of death but Charlotte is able to save him by creating words on her web. The story then goes on by Charlotte helping Wilbur and we get to encounter the friendship between him and Fern Arable.

  Noble thought the play went well even with many challenging problems.

  “It went pretty well, we thought it went better than expected. There were a lot of complications that we were worried about but, it went better than we thought it would go,” Noble shared.

  During the play there had been many disruptions from children screaming and crying but the show went smoothly on stage. Not only did the troupe have a flawless performance, they had an amazing set. The set could make simple transitioning between scenes.

  The next play will be on March 9th and 10th in the X-Theater titled The Lost Light, which is  student directed.

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