The Darby Choir puts on an emotional show at Der Dutchman

The Darby Choir had a very impressive night on Tuesday. At their concert “Supper with the Singers” held at Der Dutchman, there was a nice turnout of people enjoying some good food and fantastic singing. The two-day concert made history this year with the most tickets ever sold, and there was a special guest, Jeff Reinhard, Darby’s first Principal who hired the current choir director, Dr. Mike Martin.

  The Concert Choir kicked things off with a very upbeat song called “Jambo Rafiki” which means “welcome” in Swahili and it was their way of saying welcome to those who came to the concert. The song came with some upbeat percussion playing a conga giving you that African culture feel played by Erin Liston and Taylor Pfauf. Soloists were Blaine Bargar and Ben Medrano.

  The Women’s Chorale sang three songs that all related to the topic love and loss that brought lots of good conversation between the women in the group and helped build friendship bonds. They also talked about how music can be therapeutic not for just the singer but also for the audience. The song that stood out the most was “Fields of Gold”. This song is special because it was arranged by Dr. Martin for Women’s Chorale specifically in their sound. He would sit in their classes during eighth period and just listen and made a song that the chorale executed beautifully. Dr. Martin was on piano, Tiffany Montgomery on the whistle and the soloist was Rachel Thompson.

  Men in Black sang a very sweet and upbeat song, “Ain’t no Woman”, to choir director Hannah Sterman who was put on the spot and was a good sport, despite having a very red face. The Men in Black definitely know how to have fun. Jacob Mowell sang the solo to Sterman.

  The last to sing was the Symphonic Choir who opened with a slow soft song called “Always Something Sings” with senior soloists Katherine McCarty and Holly Wintering. The next song they sang was almost a hoedown type song, “Sourwood Mountain”.

  The last song of the night was probably the most emotional. In honor of Michele Miller, a math teacher at Darby who passed away early this summer to cancer, they sang a song composed by Dr. Martin inspired by the poem “Paradise in a Dream” by Christina Rossetti. The song was about a beautiful afterlife in Heaven that they hope she is experiencing. In the beginning of the song and the end, they had singing bowls and wine glasses full of water to give a silent time to reflect and respect Mrs. Miller. In fact, the Millers attended the concert on the first night, Monday. Sarah Muntzing had the honor being the soloist.

  The Choir president and senior Ryan Cochran was emotional while preparing for this song at the concert.

  “It was quite emotional singing for the Millers. I know a lot of people could hardly sing, they were so choked up. The song, in particular, was so very touching and it is just warming to see how much support the Miller family has been getting from the Darby family even months after Mrs. Miller has passed. And I’m glad I was apart of that” Cochran said. Their next concert is the Celebration Concert before winter break in December.

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