The cutest football game around is The Puppy Bowl

After a “ruff” game, Team Fluff came out on top with a 52 to 47 win and took home the Lombarky Trophy in the 2018 Puppy Bowl XIV run by Animal Planet. This year’s 90 puppies were rescued from places rocked by hurricanes this past year including Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas. Animal planet worked with 48 different animal and rescue organizations from around the country to fill the teams with the adorable players for a puppy pile.
The puppies were also joined by special needs animals like Ryder (a sight-impaired Husky), Chance (a deaf Dalmatian), Moonshine (a sight-impaired and deaf Border Collie) and Luna (a Pomeranian mix with a cleft palate). Dan Schachner returned for his eighth year as Rufferee, to call puppy penalties, furry fumbles and touchdowns. Alongside of Schachner was Shirley the rescue sloth as the assistant to the referee.
The Puppy Bowl happened to be a big event with 17 cameras and many people behind the scenes to make it possible. It is filmed in October over the course of two days and it takes the full time to edit and put together this wild premiere. Over the years, the Puppy Bowl has introduced new camera angles like the water bowl camera and cameras attached to the chew toys scattered across the field and peanut butter smeared across the camera lens to encourage the pups to lick them while in action.
So how does the Puppy Bowl work? There is a smaller version of a football field with many chew toys scattered around it. They release the puppies that are going to play that quarter onto the field through the tunnel by team. They all have bandanas around their necks in two different colors to indicate which team they are on. When the game starts puppies either start to play with one another, tackle one another or pick up a chew toy. At the Puppy Bowl they are not picky, so it does not matter which in zone the puppy runs it to. Whatever team they are on gets the touchdown. There are also ruling decisions that need to be made like “pass interfurence” and “unnecessary ruffness” and even “premature watering of the field”. As for the participants they are required to be between 12 and 21 weeks of age, well-socialized and vaccinated, and because of the size of the stadium they cannot exceed a certain height or weight.
This year’s game got exciting in the fourth quarter as Team Fluff started their journey to take back the lead. But only one team can take home the prize and Team Fluff would be that team after Kaleb Junior, who was rescued from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, secured the win with a touchdown against team Ruff.
All of the pups are available for adoption, and in years past pets have been adopted in minutes as people go online to rescue a puppy and see that they’re taking part in the big event.
All animals that take part in the event are available for adoption and have been adopted within minutes in past years. The Puppy Bowl has a 100% adoption rate and almost all 90 have been adopted.

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