The countdown to graduation has begun

It’s the time of year every senior looks forward to and has been anticipating their entire final leg of high school. Seniors are on their final days of their last year. They have already completed many traditions and there are still more to come.

The first tradition that is still happening is Senior Tag. They are on round four out of five. The game started on March 30th, the first Friday after break. Although it is not a school sanctioned event, schools from around central Ohio all take part in this ridiculous game. Only seniors are allowed to participate and each player joins a team of six and they come up with creative team names. After that they go against another team to see who can get the most people out on the other team with water guns. The last team standing in the end will get the pot that each player paid $5 into and free smoothies from Pulp. A new addition this year was creating twitters for teams and going back and forth with the other teams on Twitter, and it has added more fun and a little taunting.

On April 13th the seniors had their last awards ceremony to recognize anyone with a 3.5 and higher and those who received an honors diploma.

The next day Darby had the red carpet rolled out for prom, entitled Red Carpet Romance. It was a highly anticipated event by many and it was a night to remember. Hannah Baldwin and Jacob Culp won prom queen and king.

Hannah talks about what it was like winning prom queen and what it is like to be almost done.

“I was really surprised but I am glad that I won it with Jacob. I know that people are really ready to get out of here but I’m really sad to leave Darby. I am excited for the next thing but sad I won’t be here everyday seeing all my friends” Baldwin said.

On April 20th the seniors who chose to do so participated in an academic signing. To qualify you must have been offered $20,000 in scholarships and grants from all the schools you applied to for all four years of college. There were about 42 students that took part in this event.

To recognize the best of our students, there are many breakfasts to honor those students.
On May 11th the seniors who are invited will attend a scholarship ceremony. The seniors that are invited are the ones that applied and won scholarships that the school offered. It is a huge honor to be selected for this ceremony.

It is a tradition that the seniors camp out in the grove the night before their last day. In the middle of the fun that night they take a pause to play the senior prank on the class, so the school better watch out on May 18th.

On the last day the seniors enjoy a pancake breakfast and will then make their way to the auditorium for one last hoorah. The senior talent show will go on as the students make one last impression on their classmates. Then the senior cabinet plays a senior slideshow to commemorate the year and the top 10 will play their video. Lastly, Mrs. Messick will join the students on stage and read a children’s book aloud.

But don’t worry the seniors will be back that next Wednesday for graduation practice. Then on Thursday May 24th at the Schottenstein Center the seniors will celebrate completing 13 years of school. They will graduate and be moving on to the next steps of their life. Congratulations Seniors 2018!

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