The conclusion of our high school careers is finally here

For many of the students at Darby, senior year is finally here. I have been in the Hilliard school district since Kindergarten, and it feels like all my previous schooling has been leading up to where I am now. I cannot help but think about how this is going to be the last year of this chapter in my life.

  The first three years of my high school career have gone by so fast that it feels like just yesterday it was my first day of freshman year, when I ended up walking into the wrong class. I have changed so much in three years it seems almost unbelievable. I know it seems like one school year is a long time, but it is crazy to think about how two months have already passed. It is not long until the senioritis begins to creep in and affect seniors all across the building and they begin to slack off.

  I have been through both good times and bad during my time here at Darby, with my experiences ranging from two boring semesters of physical education to travelling to China with other students across the district. I have gone to homecoming, plenty of football games, and been a part of multiple clubs across the school. No matter how involved or engaged you were during your time in high school, you are most likely still looking forward to walking across the stage, whether it be to finally be out of high school or to celebrate all of your achievements in your time here at Darby.

    It is hard for me to even picture myself walking across the stage in May, let alone walking to my first college class. Even though some will be sad to move on from high school, others will be excited to see what the future has to bring. Although I may be moving on from Darby this May, this will be a stage of my life I will remember for a long time. The time for more freedom is slowly creeping up on us, so we better be prepared.

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