The best Holiday movies that many people don’t know about

The music, the decorations, and the movies: three parts of the holiday season that everyone enjoys. Christmas movie classics are watched thousands of times during December, and most people can recite the lines to their favorite movie that they have watched religiously during the holiday season. When asked what their favorite Christmas movie is the answer normally sounds something like The Grinch or A Christmas Story. Other Christmas movies are simply forgotten. There are hundreds of movies based around the holidays that do not receive enough praise.

A Christmas Kiss (2011): 
Rotten Tomatoes audience review: 56%
Wendy, an aspiring interior designer would do anything to impress her boss, an influential designer. After sharing a kiss in an elevator, Wendy finds out that she will be helping Ms. Hall, her boss, in decorating a house for a Christmas benefit. Wendy soon finds out that not only is she decorating Ms. Hall’s boyfriends house, but the house of the guy she kissed mysteriously in the elevator. The characters must learn how to navigate Christmas in the city, and confusing relationships in this Christmas film that warms the hearts of any who see it.

This is a feel good movie that helps bring back the simple joys of Christmas. It is filled with adorable scenes, and also makes people nervous that the wrong couple may end up together. Throughout all the stress of the Christmas season one thing remains clear: Christmas spirit brings everyone together.

A Nightmare Before Christmas (1993):
Rotten Tomatoes: 95%
This unorthodox stop-motion Christmas movie by Tim Burton follows Jack, the Pumpkin King. He spends his time scaring people all year around. Jack, tired of his normal life in Halloweentown goes on an adventure that takes him to Christmastown. Excited by the colorful lights and happy people Jack decides to kidnap Santa Claus and do the job himself. Jack soon realizes that his job may be harder than it looks. He must decide if his new life is best, or if he should go back to his old life in Halloweentown.

Although many people would consider this a Halloween movie, it can really be enjoyed anytime of the year, due to just about every holiday being mentioned at some point or another. The biggest part that makes this an enjoyable Christmas movie is the fact that Jack longs to live and be apart of Christmas Town. The best part of this movie is the music that accompanies it. For each important part in the movie there is a perfect track to fit the scene.

Home Alone (1990):
Rotten Tomatoes: 62%
After his family rushes to the airport so they don’t miss their flight to Paris, Kevin is elated to find he was left at home and gets to spend the week by himself. Despite his parents’ best attempts to get to Kevin over the holidays, Kevin soon discovers that he is going to have to spend more time alone. After two burglars attempt to rob his house, Kevin must fend them off. He sets many traps to try and protect his home, but can he stop his family from being robbed?

This is the first movie in the Home Alone series and is often considered the best. The best part of the movie is watching all of the ways Kevin can come up with to try and discourage the burglars. It may not always be focused on Christmas but the holiday setting is clear in this movie. While watching this movie, it’s easy to feel the same excitement and adrenaline as Kevin, while he tries to stop the burglars.

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