The basketball student section is crack-a-lackin’ at Darby

This is where the student section magic happens. Picture taken by Noah Adams.

I’ve been in the Darby district nearly my whole life. As a little kid going to Darby games, I would love to watch the student section and I anxiously awaited being a part of it one day. My first time being in the basketball student section was for the Darby – Bradley game this month.

Our student section is special for many reasons. For one thing, we always find the bright side of the situation. Even when The Panthers are losing, we strongly support our team. Our chants are clever, but classy. We’re the total package.

When people starting pouring in halfway through the Girl’s varsity game things really picked up. Everyone got on their feet, and it got loud. The section cheered for the Lady Panthers as freshman Olivia Krumpe sank a basket, and Jessica Cox drained three-pointers. Darby lost a close one, 36-40 ,but that didn’t deflate the student section for the boy’s game.

Bradley is a great basketball school, so Darby was a huge underdog. Bradley took a comfortable lead to start. Darby and Bradley are obviously rivals, so some funny banter was exchanged back and forth. But no moment was more exciting than when Darby led a furious comeback. Darby called timeout and the student section was ecstatic. Darby may have lost the game, 47-64, but being in the student section was still a great experience.

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