‘The Bad Seed’ goes out with a “bang”

bad seed 1On Saturday, October 24 we had the pleasure of seeing a thrilling murder mystery, The Bad Seed.  The production by Darby’s own students and with director, Justin Gates, it was a raging success. With the show being equally funny, heart wrenching, and frightening, it’s safe to say the endless surprises kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

The set was beautifully designed by many tech members. The victorian inspired furniture showcased the era of the play; mid 1950s. In addition, various effects were used to create a suspenseful mood among the audience. Such effects were rich red lighting, vintage radio signals, and lighting to illustrate a fire that was happening in the distance.  All of these were small factors which made the show brilliant.

The students who were casted gave an unbelievable performance. Each student fulfilled the character of their role extremely well and expressed a lot of emotion. The main character also known as “the bad seed” was played by senior Amelia Reed, and the mother by senior Audrey Craddick. The two were a perfect match for their characters and each other. The amazing chemistry displayed between each of the actors on stage made the show truly outstanding and believable.

The movements and placements of each character made the show seem very realistic, as if we were outsiders looking into a family’s window. The characters captivated the audience and acted with tremendous creativity. Reed’s innocent yet malevolent smile at the end of the scene kept us on the edge of our seats. Each character’s personality shined through their emotions on stage which radiated off of each character in the particular scene they were doing.

aud and ameliaFinally, the show left us stunned and full of remorse. Not many can capture a suicide gracefully, let alone the role of a destructive and corrupt child. However, Audrey Craddick and Amelia Reed captured this with excellence. The end of the play brought about a new meaning to “going out with a bang”. But, it was an ending to remember which made it the best part; the pronounced lighting and special effects in the final scenes made this possible. The show was a 10 out of 10 and would definitely be worth seeing again had there been a third performance.





Lauren Rogers–Staff Writer

Lauren Taylor–Staff Writer

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