The appeal of haunted houses during Halloween

The weekends in October are reserved for late nights and scary movies. People seem to enjoy finding out how much they can scare themselves on the eves of Halloween, some even take it as far as going to a haunted house. After watching countless horror movies some people want to experience the hair raising, heart pounding horror for themselves, first hand.

  Visiting a haunted house is seen as the perfect Halloween adventure, something just scary enough where afterwards visitors are often able to shake off the harrowing feeling they get being inside a haunted house. Teenagers and adults alike all seem to love the

Art by Mariam Baig

experience they receive when visiting these Halloween attractions. According to the National Retail Federation, 21% of Americans visit a haunted house each Halloween season.

  In central Ohio the most popular haunted house is the Scareatorium, located in Northeast Columbus. The Scareatorium has two haunted houses located inside, as well as escape rooms for people feeling adventurous. It was voted one of the top ten haunted houses in Ohio by the Zanesville Times recorder. Once inside, visitors can expect to find actors ready to terrify the them. The Scareatorium was built on the sight of an old asylum, which adds to the frightening feeling just by being there.

  If people want to experience an actual haunted place, not just a Halloween attraction, they can go to the old Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, which is supposedly one of the most haunted places in Ohio according the fox 23.

  Whether its at the Scareatorium, or an actual haunted building, people always seem to love the fe

eling of being terrified about what they might find around the corner.

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