The 2018 Academy Awards finally hit television

The 2017 Academy Awards aired Sunday on March 4th. The highly anticipated award show’s 90th ceremony was hosted by talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel and lasted four long hours.

  While it wasn’t as exciting as last year when the mix up between La La Land and Moonlight happened on live television, there were some honorable moments. For example, Daniela Vega became the first transgender presenter in Oscar history, and The Shape of Water won best picture (which I think it was highly deserving of).

  However, I do wish Get Out got more attention than it did at the award show. It broke the standard of horror movies in a more creative and thought-provoking way, on top of being very popular with a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film also set a new record for the box-office, with the highest grossing debut ever. Although the Get Out did not win best picture and the main character’s actor Daniel Kaluuya, did not win best actor, the film’s director, Jordan Peele won best original screenplay. I think the academy should give more credit to black filmmakers in the future, so we can inspire the aspiring youth by showing them that they can make it to the Oscars too.

  The political comments throughout the night did not seem necessary and many felt dry in terms of humor. Kimmel’s remark on how Call Me By Your Name, an LGBT film, which won Best Writing Adapted Screenplay, was made to upset Vice President Mike Pence was corny. While I do not personally think the film deserved to win, I do not think we should honor an LGBT film just because it can be made into a political joke. However, Lupita Nyong’o’s and Kumail Nanjiani’s speech about immigration was eye-opening.

  Each year the Oscar’s bring something new, and I can’t wait to see what new movies come out and what next year is like!

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