Thanksgiving DIY

This Thanksgiving may not be the same as others, but in your extra free time, here is a DIY you can show off at your dinner to whoever you celebrate with. All you will need is some different color paints, brushes, and an old bed sheet or tablecloth.

Once you get these, all you need to do is come up with a design. For mine I decided to just put splotches of red, orange and yellow. I then painted leaves overtop, and gave those some more detail with stems. The paint I had was a little thin, so it was challenging to get leaves that weren’t as messy. Mine may not look the best, but the only limit to yours is your creativity and artistic ability. 

   Looking back I should have added more leaves, and perhaps the splotches just added to the messy look, but the only way was to find out. One way you could make leaves much easier (or any design you want to repeat) is to make your own stamp. All you have to do is take a potato and cut one end so that the shape of whatever you’re stamping is all that’s sticking out. The other end will act as your handle, and you can press the stamp end into the paint and then straight onto the cloth. With this you could make leaves much easier and neater than what I tried by simply doing it by hand. Hopefully you can have success with your tablecloth and show it off to your family on Thanksgiving, and no matter how it looks, it’s the thought that counts.

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