Tengo Hambre for Habaneros

Who doesn’t enjoy tacos, tortas, and tamales? If you do, you won’t be able to resist some good comfort food from Habaneros. The Mexican Grill is located at 3650 Main Street in Hilliard, Ohio. Habaneros is a family run business and opened on October 27th 2016. Their two year anniversary is coming up very soon. I went to Habaneros to review the restaurant and I asked some of the customers what their opinions are about Habaneros.

  The restaurant started off as a dream for Berenice and her husband, Javier Mijangos. Berenice told her husband Javier that they should sell the condo that they previously had and use the money to buy a restaurant. I asked the owners what the biggest struggle that they faced was and what kept them going. Berenice spoke about their optimism,

  “Life is about taking risks and trying new things. Sure we had a lot to lose, but even when things are hard you have to stay optimistic mija.”

  Berenice had a lot of trust in her husband and she knew they had a good chance of success with the restaurant due to Javier’s strong work ethic. The business runs in her family and the most important part of opening the restaurant was Javier’s passion was accomplished.

  When I asked Mijangos what led to the idea of opening up a Mexican restaurant she quickly replied.

  “Javier always had the deep desire to open his own restaurant, but with actual Mexican food that is actually seen, eaten, and enjoyed in Mexico-so everyone (Berenice, Javier,  Ady, Berenice’s dad, and Ruben) threw ideas together and now, here we have Habaneros,” she recounted.

  Lizbeth Reyna is a regular customer at Habaneros. I asked what she thought of the restaurant’s customer service and what she’d recommend for any new customers.

  “The customer service is great, as well as the food! I highly recommend the chips and cheese dip for an appetizer, and the tacos because they’re delicious,” she noted.

She also discussed why she would recommend Habaneros to other people in Hilliard.

  “If they’re a fan of Mexican food, or would like to try something new, they should try Habaneros! It is a good price and has all types of Mexican food, and their desserts are incredible,” she elaborated.

  Berenice Mijangos spoke on the subject of customer attraction and explained why Habaneros will be your next favorite restaurant.

  “I am a foodie, if there is something new, I want to try it. I feel that if people don’t step outside of their comfort zone and try new things, they are really missing out on what life is about; learning, loving, sharing and living new experiences,” she commented.

  All in all, Habaneros is a great restaurant and I can vouch for that. The customer service is amazing and the food is fresh and tasty! The restaurant has amazing and hard working employees. It’s a great restaurant to sit down and enjoy some comfort food with your friends and family. I know that I’ll definitely be visiting the restaurant again!

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