Take a look at the girl’s soccer journey.

The Darby girls soccer season came to an end with a tough and hard fought loss in the District finals, finishing as the district runner-up with a final score of 2-1 in double overtime. With the season’s close, let’s look back at their incredible season and look forward to the player’s and program’s future.

According to senior center defender Allison Williams, the team had high hopes for their season coming into the school year, although the road to this success this season did not pan out exactly how they had envisioned. The team ended with a 10-6-4 record that included a mid season rut.

“Our season was pretty unique. We had a great group of girls and we had great chemistry to start our summer and thought our season was going to be amazing. And it still was amazing, but we didn’t win as much as we thought we would and really had some tough challenges throughout the season,” said Williams.

Although the team was going through a rough patch, senior midfielder, Aaliyah Brletic and the rest of the team knew they had to bring it back together just in time for the postseason.

“We had a team meeting and learned a lot about loving each other and always giving our teammates positive feedback and encouragement. We put that into effect in our next game, and we ended up playing really well as a team. Even if we had some rough patches in the games to come, we still won and lost as a team. I think we all grew as better people and teammates,” shared Brletic.

There are also many seniors continuing their athletic and academic careers. Williams will be attending Ohio Wesleyan University, and Natalie Brown of the same position will be attending Ohio Dominican University. The Spencer twins, Abby and Caitlyn, will be attending the University of Findlay. There are also many other seniors who are undecided such as Aaliyah Brletic and Cassidy Weber.

The seniors also had a lot to say about what the program has taught them.

“We learned that being a good teammate and player isn’t just about having good skills, but being there for your teammates on and off the field and always supporting them. I’ve also learned that you can only control so much and if you have a positive impact/responses then the outcome will most likely be in your favor,” said Brletic.

The program still has a great future ahead of them, with a fantastic and hardworking group of up and coming seniors. Junior Naomi Walters, the teams Most Valuable Player of the Year, spoke on next season.

“We developed really good team chemistry this year with younger players, so I think next year we will be able to really connect as a team which will help us greatly on the field,” shared Walters.

The team had a great end to their season, and are looking forward to their upcoming season. Good luck to all the seniors in their future endeavors!

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