Summer or Winter: Which is Better?

Throughout the four seasons, most people agree that some are better than others. Spring and fall are not extreme seasons, meaning neither one has a particular quality that defines it. That leaves people to often choose between either winter or summer. The two seasons are polar opposites, but supporters of each are passionate about their responses.



When December 21 hits and fall is officially over, residents all over Ohio prepare their snow shovels and salt, and get ready to brace the cold that ensures in the winter. The 21 of December is the Winter Solstice and is the shortest day of the year; in Ohio, it gets dark by 5 o’clock in the evening.

  The benefits of winter are endless, and people can spend their time under cozy blankets by a warm fire. It’s a time of year where binging tv shows is not only accepted, but is how most people spend their free time. There’s always an excuse to drink warm hot chocolate and apple cider, and ice cream is still a favorite dessert despite the below freezing temperatures.

  The late fall and winter months see some of the best holidays including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. These holidays allow for feasts which ensure delicious leftovers for weeks afterwards.

  The summer is a time for people who love to travel, but anyone who is a homebody and enjoys spending time with family is guaranteed to like winter. Over the two week holiday break there are family visits and moments of reminiscing on childhood memories.

  Whenever a day off school comes from a snowstorm, the many hills of central Ohio are filled with kids of all ages with sledding and tubing. The municipal pool park in Hilliard has the perfect hill for sledding and often becomes iced over for an even more enjoyable experience.

  There are also multiple places within an hour from Hilliard that offer great winter entertainment like tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. Mad River Mountain and Snow Trails are hot spots for winter entertainment.

  Students also have the excitement of waking up to the news of a snow day and being able to sleep in. The winter season has multiple long weekends due to holidays such as Presidents’ Day and Martin Luther King Day which allows for a much needed break from the stressful school environment.

  One of the best things that comes in the winter is the start of basketball season. Darby basketball games always have a large student section, and cheering for your school team always brings great school spirit. People in Columbus are also able to to attend games at Ohio State and watch the men’s and women’s teams battle some of the top ranked schools in the country.

  Despite the harsh weather conditions, winter has a way of bringing together friends and family and provides forms of entertainment that can only be enjoyed a couple of times a year. Without winter, people would just experience one season all year long, and so many opportunities would be missed out on, like skiing. Overall winter is the most enjoyable season because it’s not as busy as the summer and allows for a more relaxing time.


Written by: Alexa Capka



When the sun is shining down on the green grass and the fresh smell of flowers fills the air, life is good. Summer brings sun-kissed skin, beautiful weather, and the longest days of the year.

  While most don’t like temperatures reaching 113° like the highest recorded temperature in Ohio, the average 84° is a guaranteed mood-booster. This lovely climate provides a suitable outdoor lifestyle for those who like to soak up the sun.

  No school in the summer months means more time to hang with friends, and less time worrying about homework. The many festivals also allow time to meet new people, and celebrate late into the night without a care.

  These temperate and long days also provide opportunities for more outdoor exercise to achieve a “beach body”. Hilliard’s bicycle paths are filled throughout the middle months of the year, and provide a scenic route for running, walking, skating, or biking. Smiling at someone coming from the opposite direction on the trail is an added bonus in the already wonderful environment.

 For those who don’t like exercise, the cookouts on the 4th of July surely suit their style. The classic American cuisine on Independence Day often includes hot dogs and popsicles, as the night ends in the light of the fireworks. This holiday unites families and friends in the middle of summer break on a warm, sunny day.

  The warm weather opens more outdoor activities, like sand volleyball at Homestead park and swimming at the Hilliard pool. Going to the pool is a classic summer tradition that appeals to people of all ages. Pool goers can enjoy the refreshing water, lay on the chairs poolside, or just hang out with friends. The recently updated slides are the tallest ones for miles, and are a blast for the adrenaline seeker.

  Vacationing is the most sought after summer activity. Having time to relax by the beach and unwind to the sound of the waves is very appealing to most. Other vacation options include family visits, or international voyages. The beauty of the summer is that it allows endless possibilities.

  The bone-chilling cold of winter forces people to stay inside and become inactive. Ice and snow make the roads more dangerous, and can limit the ability to drive.

   Summer in Ohio consists of little rain and sunny days, which make it much more enjoyable than winter. It opens the door for many outdoor activities spent with friends, and provides a break from school and homework. Summer is a wonderful season with few worries and plenty of time to soak up the sun.


Written by: Emma Fratianne

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