Students wish to spread kindness with a hashtag and a pledge

Students from Multicultural Resiliency Group, a group here at Darby that promotes inclusiveness and spreading awareness,  are becoming advocates for Kombat with Kindness, a country wide program that has goals of community building. The first week of May the leaders will be at lunch asking people to pledge to be kind across all three Hilliard high schools. They will also be passing out wristbands and encouraging people to sign a banner.


   The movement began with a few students from Utah Valley University and has spread all over the country, including here in the Hilliard District. Hilliard students earlier this month skyped with the Utah students and teacher that began this movement to become better aware of the goals. In the conversation, they discussed tips on how to best relay the cause and spread awareness.


  Davidson Senior Annie Roo is a leader of Hilliard’s KWK and is excited for the message this will spread.


“[To be a part] of this great cause, you simply have to record acts of kindness and/or engage in them. Post these acts of kindness to social media outlets with the #KwKHilliardOH and spread awareness that kindness is greater than hatred and violence.” Roo explained.


  The goal is to create unity between students, and display that even though everyone is different, everyone can be kind to each other. Their pledge is: We pledge to be kind to every person, regardless of race, religion, gender, or creed, there is no division among us. We pledge to be kind to end violence.


   So, starting in May, if you see or receive an act of kindness, make sure to post it on online using #KWKHilliardOh!

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