ILC Students win Ohio video contest

Last month, Sophomore Hailee Bennet, Senior Karoline Betteridge, and Senior Alicia Caple won first place in Ohio for a national video contest called Lights, Camera, Save! Their video will be sent to the national level and they will find out the finalists some time in February.

Lights, Camera, Save! is a video contest open to teens sponsored by Discover Debit. This contest is meant to encourage teens to learn about the value of saving and using money wisely. Students enter the contest by submitting videos to local participating banks. These banks then choose a local winning video and submit it for judging at the national level. The first place winners will receive $5,000, second place $2,500, and third place $1,000.

Bennet, Betteridge, and Caple entered Lights, Camera, Save! because of their involvement in the Media Communications class at the ILC. The class was given options of different contests and the students brainstormed ideas. The students pitched the ideas to the class and the class voted on what ideas would be put into production. Only four ideas were selected overall.

Betteridge pitched the idea that was chosen for this group. Her idea was to have the screen split into two; on one side would be a jar of savings money that was continually added to but rarely taken away from, and the other side would have a jar of savings that were almost always being used. At the end the person who saved got a car and the person who did not save was left behind. The point of the video was to show the importance of saving money and being smart on what you spend it on.

The whole process of creating the video took around three months to complete according to Caple.

“Before we could even film we had to create a shot list, a treatment, get all of the props, and approval from the teacher. Then we filmed and the editing process took hours,” Caple explained.

Hopefully, their hard work will pay off and they will make it to the semifinals.

Their video is titled “Saving Pays Off” and can be watched here:

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