Students take the stage at annual Darby Talent Show

Some of the most talented students at Darby took the stage on Tuesday, November 21st to showcase their musical abilities and other talents in the annual Hilliard Darby talent show. There were 15 acts, ranging from bands to the marching band drumline, and even a Taekwondo demonstration. Lots of hard work went into this year’s talent show and it is safe to say that it was a huge success.

    This year’s show was hosted by Juniors Justen Shaw and Joe Le. Shaw and Le lightened up the show by talking up the acts and cracking jokes throughout the whole performance. They even rode razor scooters into the auditorium and had a dance battle on stage. The acts did not disappoint either. Many students such as Hothyfa Museitif, Aubrey McCurty, Tim Pilkington, and Hailyn Simpson showed off their singing abilities. Others such as Stephen Grieshop (on piano) and the Darby marching band drumline showed off their musical talents by playing an instrument. There were also a few bands who took the stage. The band E.C.L.A.K. played the song “I’m Stuck” by Noah Cyrus, and the band Ink played the songs “Blitzkrieg Bop”, “Basket Case”, and “All the Small Things”. One act that was missed at this year’s talent show were Sophomores Nolan Willoughby and Wasim Shomar singing their Minecraft parody of “It’s Every Day Bro”, who were unfortunately cut from the talent show during the audition process.

    The students in the show spent lots of time preparing their acts and many have been working at their talent for most of their lives. Freshman singer Hailyn Simpson, who sang the song “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato, has been singing her entire life. Simpson described all that she did to prepare for the talent show this year.

    “To prepare for the talent show I would sing through my song, then practice the parts that I thought could be worked on, like my breathing and my word pronunciation,” Simpson explained.

Freshman, Hailyn Simpson

     Other acts, such as the band Ink, who have been together since they were in 7th grade, prepared in different ways. The band would practice every weekend at drummer Ian Carr’s house for 3-4 hours. They even rented out a practice room at Guitar Center for some of their final practices.

    It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be able to perform in front of your peers. Singers such as Hailyn Simpson wanted to be in the show to show off her singing and to help inspire others to step out of their comfort zone. Guitarist Sam Andrei from the band Ink explained why his band wanted to perform on Tuesday.

    “We wanted to be in the talent show because we love entertaining people and we felt like it was time to test ourselves by playing in front of 1000 people and honestly, looking back on it, we aced it,” Andrei said.

    Simpson, Ink, and all of the other acts put on a great show and helped contribute to the success of the show. Congratulations to everyone who performed and thank you for showing how incredibly talented the students at Hilliard Darby are.

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