Students tailgate before big game

On the 2nd of September, in preparation for the big game against Davidson, students gathered round outside during their lunch period for the annual “Beat Davidson” tailgate.

  Various activities and vendors were available, such as jousting, a dunk tank, and the Kona Ice truck. Spirits were high as students enjoyed the music and spectacle of their favorite teachers and students being dunked.

  After Fox met his wet, ice-cold fate, the Psychology teacher expressed his admiration for the tailgate.

  “This tailgate is really a great thing because it just brings the students together, and it’s fun. It shows that this school is more than just content. It allows students to get a break from the routine, and get pumped for the game.” said Fox.

  Junior Derek Violet, after beating down teacher Andrew Helmlinger in the jousting game, was not sure if he was going to the game, but was excited to be at the tailgate.  

  “The tailgate’s a lot of fun, and it’s a good thing we have it because it unifies the students,” Violet expressed.

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