Students show off their Panther Pride during Homecoming Spirit Week

Once upon a time, in the land of Darby High, hundreds of students awaited their magical evening at the 2017 Darby Homecoming. To prepare for the most special of evenings, the students and staff dressed up in outfits from giraffe onesies to Miller Strong Shirts for the entire week leading up to the big dance, otherwise known as Homecoming Week.    

Senior Abbey Ansel and Freshman Taylor Clark dressed up for PJ Day
Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

  Homecoming Spirit Week is always one of the most fun weeks of the school year, with the whole student body coming together to get excited for the dance and football game in a fun way.

  Senior Class Cabinet President, Bailey Culp knew how important school spirit is.

  “I think it’s important for people to realize that they only get to ‘do high school’ once, so whenever you get the opportunity to be goofy and fun and different it’s important that you take advantage of that opportunity.”

  On Monday, the student body looked extra cozy in their pajamas. A favorite among many students, pajama day gives students a chance to break out their Superhero pajama pants and Perry the Platypus Slippers. Freshman Taylor Clark was one with her inner animal on Monday, as she rocked her zebra onesie. Senior Abbey Ansel made sure to represent Darby volleyball in her veebs slippers and t-shirt.

Sophomores Morgan Bair, Madison Mason, and Gabby Stern dressed up for Throwback Day
Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

   Goodbye throwback Thursday, hello throwback Tuesday! On the second day of

Spirit Week, students rocked out in their scrunchies and leg warmers as they wore outfits that their parents and even grandparents may have worn in their high school days.

Sophomores Lavdjola Durmishaj, Bree Madigan, Jada Germani, Hannah Vermillion, Julia Maceyko, Jenna Rasul, and Brigid Devitt as the Seven Dwarves for Character Day
Photo Courtesy of: Bree Madigan

Sophomores Madison Mason, Gabby Stern, and Morgan Bair each had their own unique look, paying tribute to the 60’s and 80’s in their Tuesday best.

  On Wednesday, the halls of Darby were filled with

characters from Harry Potter to Phineas and Ferb, all in honor of Fictional Character Day. Sophomores, Lavdjola Durmishaj, Bree Madigan, Jada Germani, Hannah Vermillion, Julia Maceyko, Jenna Rasul, and Brigid Devitt went all out in their costumes in their representation of the Seven Dwarves from Snow White. With ripped jeans, beanies, and a sign stating which Dwarf they were, Sneezy, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, and Dopey would’ve been proud

Seniors; Emily Nolan, Maddy Smith, and Quinn Coppess and Junior Stacia Rispress dressed up for Jersey Day
Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

  Students were excited to pull out their favorite sports gear for a classic Homecoming Spirit Week theme, Jersey Thursday. With the NFL, MLB, and College football in season and the NHL in the preseason, students had no trouble finding a jersey to show off not only their team’s pride, but their Panther pride as well. Seniors, Emily Nolan, Maddy Smith, and Quinn

Coppess, along with Junior, Stacia Rispress displayed jerseys from Ohio State, Toon Squad, Duke, and the Phoenix Suns, respectively.


Juniors; Erin Jamison and Haliey Kurtz with Sophomore, Zahra Khuhro
Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

On the final day of the 2017 Hilliard Darby Homecoming Spirit Week, students were asked to wear Darby gear or #MillerStrong t-shirts. Although on any day of any week of the year, a lot of the student body wears Panther Gear, this Friday the Panthers took it to the next level. The majority of the students and staff came to school in their panther spirit wear, many of them in #MillerStrong t-shirts. Juniors, Erin Jamison and Hailey Kurtz, along with sophomore Zahra Khuhro, participate in the last day of Spirit Week in their Leave a Legacy shirt, #MillerStrong shirt, and Hilliard Darby Cross Country Sweatshirt.

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