Students adapt to not having a senior parking lot

As the new school year kicks off, many students have voiced their excitement or lack thereof due to the absence of a senior parking lot. It had been a long standing tradition at Darby that the senior class got to park in the lot closest to the side entrance of the school and many students looked forward to having that opportunity during their senior year. There has been a mixed reaction on this issue, but it is clear that this year’s senior class will have to adapt to sharing their parking lot.

  Haley Caudill, a junior this year, shared her opinion on the controversial decision.

  “It gives the students who can drive fair game as to who can park where. I don’t think there’s a need for a senior lot, since there seems to be enough room in the lot for most of the students who can drive.”

  Caudill is optimistic about the parking lot and thinks it is a fair way to handle parking in the morning. In previous years, juniors and underclassmen had to park in the lot across from the stadium, which was a long walk to and from the side entrance of the building.

  Although last year some juniors and sophomores would park in the senior lot, there were several occasions where they were told to move their vehicles to the correct lot. Also, last year the senior lot rarely completely filled up, especially if it was just seniors parked there.

  This year, the lot is generally more full and it looks as though significantly less cars are parked in front of the stadium.

  Sharing the parking lot is more efficient for younger students because it takes less time to walk to the building. This means that students who are often late to school might be able to save a couple minutes of walking time and get to class when the first period bell rings.

  However, while the shared lot only seems to benefit students, the senior class was initially skeptical about sharing the lot. Nick Hermosilla, a senior, had a unique perspective on the lack of a senior lot.

  “At first I thought it would be crazy trying to find a spot in the morning, but as the year has gone by, so far I’ve found a spot with ease.”

  He went on to explain how even though it is no longer a parking lot just for seniors, students still respect the seniority of the upperclassmen and the seniors still get the closest spots most of the time. Before the school year started, like Hermosilla, many seniors were worried that they would have to park farther away from the entrance due to younger drivers getting the best spots earlier in the morning, but thus far into the year, there have been no prominent issues with sharing the lot.

  Overall, the response to the shared lot seems pretty positive. Juniors and underclassmen like that they do not have to park so far away from the school, and seniors do not seem to see a major difference in their parking routines. Though at first, many seniors were upset about the decision, the communal lot has been successful and well received by students.


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