Student of The Month Brunch

Student of the month time is here, and for those of you that are student of the month members for October, you’re getting a student of the month Brunch. This months specific tribute for student of the month was for those students that had their minds right and have a growth mindset.

  Student of the month Brittney Weight was nominated by another peer Maribelle Long. Weight is a senior at Darby High School who enjoys quilting, sewing, hanging out with her family and being outdoors in the nature. Weight said,

  “I am in the process of making two dresses and am working on two quilts- I also love playing with my family’s puppy! I actually love school and learning new things!”

  When interviewing Weight and asking what she was elected for she happily and quickly said,

  “I was nominated for just being who I am and standing up for what I believe even in the face of my peers.”

  Weight is a student who is comfortable being herself around her peers. I asked if she had been elected for student of the month before and she said she hadn’t been elected prior to this time.

  Long, a freshman student and peer of Weight elected her for student of the month because Long looked up to Weight for being a good classmate and showing that she’s proud being herself no matter what. For those of you that know peers that should be acknowledged for their behavior and mindset there’s an easy process to doing this. There’s a website on your iPad called P.R.I.D.E Nomination that will take you to a google form for nominating teachers or students for student of the month.

   When asking Long what made her nominate Weight for student of the month she said,

  “I elected Brittney because she always has a good attitude towards school, hard work, and life in general. She uplifts others and doesn’t judge anyone.”

  The question of what makes someone a student of the month member and what doesn’t, came to mind, so when asking Long what makes a peer stand out to be elected for student of the month she quickly explained,

  “A peer stands out for student of the month when they show kindness and compassion towards others. Also when they have a positive attitude.”

  Mrs. Stead an advisor at Darby knows the importance of student of the month and acknowledging those students. So I interviewed Stead and asked why it’s important to have acknowledgement those student of the month members. Stead said,

“It’s important because a lot of the kids that are nominated are not kids that are normally recognized for other activities whether it be like, sports or academics. We just want to recognize people for being good people and not necessarily tie it to some other type of accolade, so I think that’s why it’s very important that we do this.”

  So if you’re chosen for Student of the Month, know it is because you’re a role model for other peers and others have noticed your good outlook on life. Therefore, congratulations to all those who have received the honor of being a part of Student of the Month.

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