Student creates gravity defying art piece

Third year ceramics student, Aurelia Turner is already wowing the school with her gravity defying art piece. Her piece has the minimalistic colors of creamy white, seafoam green, forest pine green, and sandy brown, that display the reality of the piece. Tuner calls it “Dirty Dishes”.

  The project Darcie Veri assigned was to create a ‘combined piece’, which is where the artist will attach different pieces of their project. For Turner’s piece she combined many of the plates and bowls that she made stacking them together to create unique balance.

  A lot of Turner’s influence on art is from Mrs. Veri.  

  “She’s a great teacher, and she really help you work through your problems,” said Turner, “She just tries to get your ideas put together in a way that will work best for our pieces.”

  The inspiration for Turner’s piece was going home to find many dirty dishes piled up at her house ready to 

be cleaned. All plates, cups, and bowls on her piece were made on the ceramics wheel and placed together strategically for the gravity defying balance.

  Turner’s piece has lots of interesting aspects to it but her favorite part is the glass. The glass is placed all over her piece inside and out. The glass displays the leftover parts of a meal with its green shimmer.

    Turner put a lot of effort into her piece working very carefully on every detail. The school can not wait for more pieces from Turner and others from the art classes!

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