Student artwork displayed at Darby Art Show

The annual Darby Art Show was open to students, teachers, and parents alike on the weekend of April 21st. Students had the opportunity to display art they worked hard either in their art class or outside of school.

  Over 175 students had work in the art show, and even some students who had already graduated came back to Darby to display their art and show what they had been working on after their time in high school. A student like this is David Darudo, who displayed his David Bowie piece and now commissions artwork. Featured artists include Junior designer Sam Conners, Sophomore photographer Emma Huhn, Senior painter Jenny Dorsey, and Sophomore mixed-media artist Mackensie Stellrecht.

  The art show was set up in the X-Theatre with artwork from all ceramics, painting, drawing, and photography classes. On Friday, students and teachers from many different classes took time out of their day to see and appreciate all of the pieces.

  Art teacher Valerie Kulick-Brown thinks the art show is great for students to display their work and have their peers be able to view and appreciate the time that went into it.

  “It exposes people to the talent we have, and gets people out and about and talking and doing things they might not ever get the chance to do,” explained Kulick-Brown. “Students who aren’t involved in the art show should also come to get a better understanding of what the arts entail.”

  The art show has been a yearly tradition at Darby since the school opened, and plans to continue during the years ahead.

  Kulick-Brown, along with all of the other art teachers and students, is proud of the work done by Darby students and loves the chance for students to display their pieces.

 “Art is something that most people enjoy, so why not show it off?”

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