Striking Out the Competition

As the winter sports season has begun, there has been one sport that has caught the eye of many Hilliard Darby students. In the past, it was not an event students would ever think about attending, but all of that has changed in 2019. The Boys Varsity Bowling team at Darby has changed the culture of students coming out to support their sport.

    On Thursday, January 11th, the varsity team took on Pickerington Central at the newly updated Ten Pin Alley. A couple of the team’s key bowlers that night included Nick Carter, Mason Bowers, Josh Larsen, David Maleh, and Michael Beard. Most of the Varsity team consists of juniors and seniors.

  I got the chance to talk with junior captain, Josh Larsen about the team’s season so far. I asked him what it was like to be a captain for the bowling team this year.

  “It’s something I enjoy and take great pride in because I know my team looks up to me and I can be there for them,” Larsen stated.

  Although the bowling team went through some rough patches in the preseason, no one would ever notice with the team’s great chemistry and constant energy.

  “We’ve dealt with a lot of adversity just with us being close to not having a team and we also moved to a new bowling alley, but I think our team has adjusted well and persevered. That is what made us stronger,” Larsen shared.

  The boys continued to battle Pick Central, but in the second round of games, things started to change. One of the Darby’s bowlers, senior Nick Carter finished so close to scoring a perfect game, with all strikes leading up to the 7th frame, but nearly missing it. Carter finished strong with a 278 game, which was the highest of the night.

  Josh Larsen explained his personal and team goals for this season.

  “My goal is to average over 200 this season. Our team goal is to win a state championship. With that being said, we’re still taking it one match at a time but all of the work we put in will pay off soon and I think we all know that.”

  With some high scores coming from the Panthers that night, they didn’t stop going! I also got to talk with senior captain, Mason Bowers. This is Bowers’ first year bowling competitively for Darby and has helped the team tremendously. Bowers is currently averaging 213 at this point in the season.

  He shared with me, “I decided to bowl this year because I have always loved to bowl, and my good friend Josh Larsen was a factor in my decision as well.”

  I asked Mason about this thoughts of becoming a captain as a first year bowler.

  “Me being a captain has kept me accountable throughout the season and it makes me give my best effort all the time for the team. Giving it my best naturally makes me and the team better. #12.5.”

  The Panthers finished the night by beating Pickerington Central and setting a school record with the highest total series of 2309! The students at Hilliard Darby continued to cheer on the boys all night as well and made coming to their matches a fun school event!

   The Boys Varsity team hopes to see more students at their matches in the future. You can check them out and be apart of the crowd on Wednesday, January 16th at Ten Pin Alley. The match starts at 4pm vs. Davidson.

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