Starbucks Holiday Drinks

The most exciting part of the year for coffee lovers is the buzz of Starbucks’ holiday drinks. The staggering 27,339 locations worldwide released this year’s collection of six drinks, featuring three new and three returning drinks for the holiday season. These specially crafted beverages are served in four new decorative cups, as well as a new reusable red cup.

  A blend of espresso, steamed milk, and Caramel Bruleé Sauce combine to form the Caramel Bruleé Latte, “so luxuriously silky and sweet,” the company explains.The sauce makes the latte rich and smooth, perfect for cold and snowy days.

  On a similar note, the white chocolate sauce in the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha tastes of caramelized sugar and velvety white chocolate. Their signature espresso and steamed milk are added to complete this delicious beverage. This mocha is then topped in whipped cream and candied cranberry sugar.

  If caramel isn’t your thing, the Peppermint Mocha’s mint and chocolatey taste is a great alternative. The classic mocha is revamped with a minty fresh aftertaste, which encompasses the feeling of winter in a cup. Also topped with whipped cream, this drink is everything you love about hot chocolate and more.

 The three returning drinks include the Eggnog Latte, Holiday Spice Flat White, and Gingerbread Latte.

 For the past 20 years, Starbucks has released holiday themed cups, and this year’s designs do not disappoint. They include a chic and modern red stripe, a white and green wreath design, a floral pattern, and a green diamond pattern.

  New this year, Starbucks is offering a discount between now and the new year. They will take 50 cents off your grande size order after 2pm when you bring in your reusable red cup. At only $2.50 a piece, the investment is well worth it.  This promotion saves customers money and discourages the use of disposable plastic cups which can harm the environment.

  The hand crafted winter drinks at Starbucks are a perfect segue from fall, and offer a wide variety of flavors to cater anyone’s taste. The well known flavors of baked gingerbread and eggnog inspired this collection to satisfy your sweet and spicy holiday cravings this winter.

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