Staff spirit week occurs during testing

Some may have noticed the past week that their teachers and other staff members were dressed in coordinated attire. While students either tested or slept in, the staff dealt with administering the tests, and dressing up for staff spirit week, which is always good for raising morale.

Monday, Opening Day, was spirit and Autism Awareness Day. Staff geared up in their jerseys, or blue, for autism awareness. Shawn Morris, science teacher, was proud of his team in his Cleveland Indians jersey. David Rickert and Kevin Hunt sported their Bobcats and Cleveland Indians gear during their lunch. Kathrine Hueter donned her Code Blue shirt for autism awareness. Science teacher Betsy Barber prepared for a game in her Cincinnati Reds jersey.


In honor of Math teacher Michelle Miller, who was receiving treatment on Tuesday, Darby staff brought out their Miller Strong shirts. Chad Shulte, Andrew Ozbolt, Maria Stead, and Mary Bertholf were seen with their shirts on.


Wednesday staff wore gear from their college alumni. Miami University, Capital University, Wittenburg University, Ohio State University, and other college gear was seen throughout the halls of Darby.


Thursday was dress as a student day, and while most seemed to skip this day, English teacher David Rickert joined in on the fun. Senior Jake Bowman dressed as his English teacher, Rickert, during a spirit week earlier in the year. This time around, Rickert returned the favor and dressed as Bowman.


Testing week ended off on Friday with everyone in their Darby gear.




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