Staff Remain Undefeated

Darby held its 18th annual staff student basketball game on Thursday February 16. The stakes were high for the students this year, since they haven’t won a game yet. Despite high hopes, the staff won 40 to 25.

  Despite the repeating outcome of this game, the school rallies behind their fellow classmates in hope of a win. With the large crowd, comical commentators, and half time games, this game was a success. Many students bought tickets to the game, and the gym was packed.

  Among the students playing was Cannon Riddle, a senior who went into the game optimistic and played well. While current basketball players aren’t allowed to participate in the game, Riddle still felt the team had enough talent to win.

Student team getting excited for the game as they get introduced by the announcer. Photo taken by Kiera Toliver

  “We have a lot of talent on our team, and I think that we can come out and get a win today,” Riddle said before the game started.

  The optimism didn’t stop there. The coach for the student team, varsity basketball player Kip Burmeister, was also ready to see a student victory. The students team was made up of all seniors, and many had been watching the staff-student basketball game since their freshmen year. To be apart of the game this year and take on the staff is something Burmeister looked forward to.

  “I’ve watched a lot of people play this game,” he explained, “this will be the year [Darby will] witness history.”

Athletes get ready for game to start. Photo taken by Kiera Toliver.

  Although the game didn’t go as the students had hoped, it was still well played and fun for all who attended. The commentators, like history teacher Shawn Papp and spirit leader Kieran Davidson helped bring the game to life with their funny comments, which really engaged the students. Although the game ended with staff winning 40 to 25, it was a good game. Maybe next year’s seniors will finally break the staff’s winning streak.

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