Staff destroy students in annual basketball game

On Thursday, February 15th, the Darby staff and friends gave some senior students a beatdown to remember when they won the student staff basketball game, by the score of 69-31.

  The Staff continued their pattern of dominance in the annual game, and this huge win was an expected result. Despite this, Senior Blake Sawicki was feeling confident in his team during warmups.

  “I’m feeling pretty good. I mean, the staff’s pretty old, I don’t think they’re going to be able to keep up with us because we’re a pretty young team,” Sawicki said.

Photo Taken By Noah Adams

Sawicki was woefully mistaken. One look at the staff team during warmups was enough to tell you how the game was going to go. Even at their older age, the staff was hitting threes and flashy, powerful dunks. On the other hand, the most notable highlight of the student’s warm-up was a slow layup from 6’3” Senior Tyler Stitzel.

  The staff quickly ran away with the game, after making a barrage of three-pointers. Teacher Evan Bell was really on fire with his three-pointers, compensating for a rough game from fellow staff member Kristopher Camp.

  The students were unable to make the score close or competitive. Even the student game announcer, Senior CJ Jasper, couldn’t put a positive spin on the game as the staff continued to score over twice as many points as the students. After this rout, next year’s senior class will have to wait for the chance to rebound against the staff until the big game next year.

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