St. Patrick’s Day is here

It’s spring in March and that means it is time for St. Patrick’s Day. This year the 17th is on a Saturday so that means kids around Columbus can join in the celebration. Columbus is heavily Irish so there is plenty to do around the city for people of all ages.
Also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural celebration held on March 17th every year. It was the death date of Saint Patrick. The celebration started in the early 17th century to commemorate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. But mostly it celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. To celebrate there are parades, festivals, ceilis, and wearing green, or you’ll get pinched. Traditionally, on St. Patrick’s Day, Lent restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol were removed.
At local bars and restaurants leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, many Irish Dancers from their schools will do some dancing for whoever is there and will send a hat around for donations. On Saturday at 11 in the morning, there will be a parade in downtown Columbus that will start on Naghten St and will end on High St. at the convention where the Columbus celebration begins. After the parade, the Shamrock Club of Columbus puts on the Irish Family Reunion where there is dancing and music and a lot of fun. There is not food, so make sure to bring your own. Any Irish pubs or restaurants around Columbus will have deals and special events and guests to kick off the night.
So this year on St. Patrick’s Day, kick off your spring break the right way and go have fun with friends and family. Slainte! (Cheers)

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