Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is coming fast around the corner. Which means it’s that time of the year for cleaning everything out or to cleanse yourself. It is hard to know how to and where to start so here are some tips to help out.

  Some cleaning
 tips before starting the cleanse is to clean top to bottom so dirt and dust can fall down so then the last thing you want to do is vacuum. Another thing to do is take everything out and put back in a more orderly fashion while also throwing away unnecessary items.  Make a checklist to make sure you can get every corner of the room. Then to start your cleaning you want to go room to room.


  • Go through cabinets
  • Wash mirrors and windows
  • Wash rugs
  • Wipe downs walls and ceilings
  • Rinse the floor
  • Vacuum
  • Organize shelves/cabinets


  • Dust all surfaces
  • Let in fresh air by opening the windows
  • Wash sheets, drapes, anything cloth
  • Wash windows and mirrors
  • Vacuum
  • Shampoo carpets

  Another idea for spring clean is to refresh the layout by moving things around.


  • Clean refrigerator and freezer inside and out
  • Degrease many cooking appliances
  • Wash and wipe all surface areas
  • Sweep, vacuum, or mop all floors

  In the kitchen it is important to declutter drawers and make cleaner storage areas.

Family Room

  • Dust every surface area
  • Wipe walls and ceilings
  • Clean all couch fabrics
  • Wipe light bulbs
  • Clean windows
  • Sweep carpets
  • Dust and clean electronics
  • Vacuum

  The family room is an important room to keep tidy because it is the center of a home.

  Hope that these spring cleaning tips help you improve your home to the best it can be.


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