spring band concert

The Darby Band held their last concert on Thursday, May 9. They played many upbeat and challenging pieces that were executed very well. The band had a few director mixups where their regular director was not able to perform with them due to some emergencies, but the band was still able to play well, even with the inconveniences.

  The first band to play was Concert Band. They played an upbeat song titled, Algorithms. This song had a slow crescendo with the percussion slowly joining in.

  The next song they played was a soft song titled, December Sky. This song represented the night sky in December. The band made this very easy to imagine the stars with the small twinkles made from the percussion with the triangles.

The last song Concert Band played a song from a classic movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, called At World’s End. This was a great end to their performance because they added a visual video from the pirates of the Caribbean. The band played insync with the video very well. Overall, the Concert Band played very well for their last concert and has grown a lot from the beginning of the year.

  The second performance was Symphonic Band. They started by playing a very cheerful song titled, Reverberations. In this song each section of the band would play back and forth to each other creating a cool effect.

  The next song they played was Armed Forces. During this song they played the tune of each branch of service and those who have served, would stand when they heard their branch’s song. It was a great way to see and thank all the people who fought for their country.

  The last song for Symphonic Band was American Sailing Songs. This song was a march theme with the drums and trumpets. In this song there were some familiar tunes that everyone has heard once or twice. The Symphonic Band members played exceptionally well, and the seniors ended their years in a great way.


Logan Westerviller

Playing next was senior soloist, Logan Westerviller. He played along with pianist, Jiung Yoon. They played Concerto for Bass tuba. This song was very challenging for a tuba player. There were lots of high notes that are hard for a tuba to reach, but Westerviller was still able to execute the song flawlessly. This was a good solo to highlight because his instrument is hard to play but he did so very well.

  The last band of the night was Wind Ensemble. They started by playing a beautiful song, Eternal Father Strong to Save. This song had a very grand beginning with a beat like a march. In this song listeners could also hear a hymn that the band played softly.

  Next, the band played Burglars Holiday. This song had three outstanding senior trumpet players showcased. Each trumpet player would have a seperate part, but then come together in the end making a really great sound.

  The last song of the night was a piece from the famous opera, The Phantom of the Opera. This song had a chilling vibe with an amazing oboe solo from senior Witty Kwok. This was his favorite piece because it was a challenge to learn.

  “Phantom of the Opera was my favorite piece. This is because it was challenging yet absolutely beautiful once played well,” said Kwok, “Also, I really enjoyed having to change key signatures at least 5 times per page.”

  Wind Ensemble band finished their year strong, ending with such a powerful and challenging piece. Overall each band ended the year very strong showing off what they have done over this year. Wishing all the seniors and the band good luck next year.