Spikeball Club is introduced to Darby

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and fun club to join that could also help you get a little exercise in your day, then spikeball club may be for you.

   Spikeball is a game that consists of two teams of two, where the objective is to spike the ball into the net so that the opposing team can not return it back into the bouncy net. The net is circular, about ten inches high and is parallel with the ground, similar to a mini trampoline. The game is similar to volleyball in that teams can pass the ball around and get three touches before they have to whack, or slightly tap if you’re feeling fancy, the ball into the net.

  Spikeball Club is new club at Darby, and is still growing. One of the founding members, Senior Zoe Hartman, described the club as a fun extracurricular afterschool.

  “Essentially… we played it during the summer time, and we wanted to bring it to Darby,” Hartman explained.

   Another founding member, Senior Hannah Eppler, also believed it will be a fun addition to the school.

  “We just wanted to play at school with friends and bring all grade levels together,” Eppler said.

  Aside from playing around for fun, the group is hoping to schedule some club events in future, like a tournament against Davidson that the club leaders hope will occur within the next month or two. If you’re looking to go to the club, they meet on Tuesdays, right after school behind the fieldhouse, and you can find more information on the Darby Spikeball Club Twitter account, @DarbySpike.


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