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Pumpkins bring life and spirit to the spooky season on front porches and haunted houses alike. Often, Halloween can bring out the crafty side in many. Carving a pumpkin is not everyone’s pumpkin spice latte, however. Spice up your fall season with DIY pumpkin painting. Toss those knives and pull out your paintbrush.

   Without the use of knives, pumpkin painting is less dangerous than pumpkin carving. Also, no “de-seeding” occurs in the process, making way for a much cleaner experience. Keeping the seeds inside the pumpkin also helping to keep your pumpkin fresh and last longer. Here are 5 ideas to spark your inspiration. Happy painting!



DSC_0511Your Halloween prop could serve as your very own billboard as well as a fun decoration.This pumpkin was spray painted blue all around. Stencil letters that could be reused were used to create the letters of “Panther Press,” and the DIY was freehanded to give a more spooky look. You could write anything; your name, a business name, a quote. Anything you can imagine could go on this great pumpkin!




“School Pride” pumpkin is the most simple pumpkin to paint! All you have to do is lather your pumpkin in your baby blue and black. If you want to add some flavor, add a sleek paw print to represent your school mascot!






“We are Darby”

A very simple design, this pumpkin will advertise your school spirit. All you have to do is paint your pumpkin all white. Spray painting would be easiest and put you on the fast track to Halloween decorations. After the spray paint is dry, write Darby out on the pumpkin in a school color of your choice. You could either freehand this or use a stencil that you made or purchased. Then, paint fun polka dots in black and blue all over to complete your pumpkin. For a different look, you could also splatter paint your pumpkin.




By using a stencil, your pumpkin can look super, too. First, create a stencil of the logo; you could do any superhero you want. Use ?? paper for the best results, but if you don’t have that, plain printer will do. Set the stencil aside to use later. Spray paint the pumpkin yellow where you want your superman logo. After the yellow has dried, which will take about ten minutes, depending on your spray paint, cover your yellow paint with your stencil. Then use the red spray paint to create your logo. You can either tape the edges of the logo and spray paint the rest of the pumpkin blue, or freehand it if you’d like. Lastly, add a red cape in the back to pull your pumpkin together. Up, up, and away!



“Oh, the Horror!”

This pumpkin adds some fear factor to your Halloween decorations. To create this creepy look, create stencils to create your characters; this pumpkin has Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees but you could pick your favorite horror movie characters. You can either print your stencil from the internet or use your own artistic talents to create your own! After you pick your characters, attach your stencils and spray paint the pumpkin black. Be sure to attach the stencils completely to get the whole outline. After the pumpkin is completely coated (this may take a couple coats) and dry, remove the stencils. Than add in the smaller details with red paint to make them pop, and vola! A scary looking pumpkin with ease.


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Lauren Taylor–Staff Writer

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