Spaghetti Dinner

Last Saturday, November 4th, the Darby and Davidson Key Clubs volunteered to help out with the Spaghetti Dinner at the Hilliard Senior Center. The Spaghetti Dinner is a fundraiser to help raise money for an organization named Kiwanis. The nonprofit organization helps kids all around the world with issues from disease to poverty.

  At the dinner, each meal was $10, which included a drink, salad, spaghetti, and cake. Also at the dinner, there were lots of auctioned items up for bid. Some items were gear from The Ohio State University, like a number 16 football jersey (J.T. Barrett), a buckeye pillow pet, and OSU lamp. Other items were fitness equipment and various pieces of

Photo provided by Hilliard Kiwanis Twitter

artwork. A nice bonus at the dinner was that you could cheer on and watch the Buckeye football team play in that evening’s game.

  The Darby and Davidson Key Club helped out with setting up the event, preparing the food like making the salads and garlic bread, bussing tables, and greeting the various guests. A Hilliard Kiwanis leader, Don Parker said that the goal of the night was $1,500. All of proceeds from last Saturday’s Spaghetti Dinner will go to college scholarships and provide help to the Hilliard food pantry.

  All in all the dinner went very well having a great fundraiser with lots of friendly smiles and great food. Next for Kiwanis and Key Club, they will be collaborating with the Thirst Project. Which is a group that helps earn money for people in need of water in Africa.

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