Sophomores see what Tolles has to offer

  On November 20th, the sophomore classes of Hilliard Davidson, Bradley and Darby took a field trip to Tolles. To get a feel for what Tolles is like, each sophomore got to chose two classes to sample from, which ranged from a Pre-Vet program to a Cosmetology program, among others.

Photo Credit from Claire Huffman

  Tolles Career and Technology Center is a place where students can learn careers or jobs they want to pursue in real life hands-on situations.

  During my day at Tolles, I sampled the Culinary Arts and Early Childhood Education programs. The Culinary Arts class took us back to the kitchen where there were other current Tolles students. We learned that through Tolles, these students could earn certifications for cooking well before they could on a traditional college track. Before we left, we participated in the program by making our own pizza rolls.

  At the Early Childhood Development program, we observed some preschoolers play so we could better understand childhood development. We got a feel for the responsibilities given to Tolles students in this program, which included child supervision and cleanup.

 Junior Olivia Merullo goes to Tolles for their Criminal Justice Program. In this program, she learns fieldwork along with forensics, like how to handcuff people and take fingerprints.

  Merullo encourages many students to go to Tolles as well.

  “I love Tolles, I would encourage anyone that knows what they want to do with their careers to go to Tolles, it’s a really great experiment” said Merullo.

  After Tolles Merullo wants to keep pursuing her career in law enforcement, she doesn’t have a specific job in mind but Tolles can guide her so she can make the right career choice.

  Tolles is a place with amazing opportunity and anyone who decides to go to Tolles will no doubt have a fun learning experience.

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