Silver Key Art Award Goes to… Amanda Neighbarger

Junior Amanda Neighbarger created an award-winning ceramics piece. Her piece titled “Wrapped” hinted towards the pieces of clay being ‘wrapped’ around the middle sections of the piece.

 Alliance for Young Artists and Writers is a non-profit organization that gives The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. They showcase and award students with outstanding art or writing skills. This year there were over 330,000 works of arts that were submitted by students from grades 7-12. Neighbarger won the Silver Key Scholastic Art Award. This award goes to stand-out works that are submitted from local programs that judges thought to be showcased at their 2018 art show.

  For this piece, Neighbarger used the wheel to make two makeshift vases and stubby bowl. The tallest vase was structurally made very strongly to support itself to stay upright. The second vase was unique because of the open clay placed on the top. The clay looked as if it was upright making it taller in size. The bowl was also unique for it is the only one with a wide opening.

   For “Wrapped” she used somber tones that contrast the wrapped clay around. The clay that is cloaked over the piece shows lots of dry accents that put the pieces all together making it complement each other.

  Neighbarger shared her favorite part of the pieces.

  “I love how the color of the smooth sides contrast with the textured area,” Neighbarger said.

  We can’t wait for more upcoming art from the Darby Ceramics!

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