Seniors sign certificate for academic scholarship money

The group photo. Courtesy of Diane Betteridge

On Friday, April 28th, 95 Darby seniors attended the second annual Academic Signing. To be involved in this event, seniors had to earn at least $5,000 in scholarship and grant money per year, or $20,000 over four years. The 95 students who participated earned a total of about $14.2 million in scholarship money.

  During the signing, groups of ten seniors went up to the stage, where they introduced themselves and who they were with. Then they said where they planned on going to college next year and what they would be studying. There was an opportunity for parents and other family members to take pictures as students signed their achievement award. A group picture was then taken in the gym.

  While the ceremony was a big honor to be a part of, many noticed the differences between it and the Athletic Signing. Senior Jenny Dorsey, who plans on attending Bluffton University next fall, explained how she felt to be a part of the ceremony.

  “Unlike the athletic signing, there were a ton of students recognized at once, not every school was recognized with pennants (the triangle things) and it all felt rushed,” Dorsey said.

  Despite the fact that it wasn’t similar to the Athletic Signing, the Academic Signing was a special day for a lot of the seniors.

  The Academic Signing is new to Darby and Bradley, but Davidson has been doing it for many years. The schools aim to recognize seniors who have worked hard academically throughout their school years in addition to students who worked hard in sports through the Athletic Signing. According to the Darby website, 268 seniors took part in the Academic signing across all three schools. The seniors earned a collective total of over 39 million dollars. This is a tradition that Darby plans to continue and grow in the future.

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