Seniors Show their spirit on Senior Week

Senior Week was this past week from February 6th to the 10th. All seniors are excited to graduate and they are not afraid to show their pride. With only about three months left until graduation, seniors are going all out during their week.

The week started off with pajama day on Monday, where seniors put on those cool pajamas and showed their cute and comfortable outfits.

Brittany Lewis with her Olaf pajamas pants holding Courtney Lewis’ Superman pajamas. They went super cool on Pajama Day. Photo provided by Brittany Lewis

On Tuesday, every senior got paired up with someone and got dressed with the same outfit for twin day.

Best friends Edleen Nieto and Jazmen Garcia put on the same outfit for Twin Day. With American Eagle jeans and Holister Grey Sweaters Seniors show their spirit. Photo taken by Hailey Nieto

Wednesday was Want to be Day. Seniors dressed up as what they want to be after they graduate and showing off their professional outfits.

Courtney Lewis and Megan Kennle want to be nurses and what a perfect to wear those outfits for Want a Be Day. Photo provided by Brittney Lewis.

On Thursday it was senior citizen day. Seniors have been walking the halls for four years which makes them the oldest class and they all show their pride dressing up as old people.

Sydney Bright got dressed as an old lady for Senior Citizen. Sydney went all the way with grey hair, makeup for wrinkles and confortable shoes. Photo taken by Edleen Nieto.

Closing the week with pink out where seniors show their spirit wearing their class color, pink. On Friday all seniors wore their very pink outfits.

(From left to right) Tasneem Ikram, Kiera Toliver, Jullian Simpson, Gabbey Prickett, Soriya Chum wearing their gear on Pink Out. Photo taken by Edleen Nieto.

With not so many days on the calendar seniors show off their spirit and excitement and cannot wait till the end of their school days and heading off to college.


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