Seniors’ last weeks filled with traditions

In Hilliard, it’s always been a tradition for seniors to have the privilege of ending their school year a week earlier than the rest of the student body, and on top of this they get to participate in many activities that end their high school career on a memorable note.

  The first activity exclusively for seniors is Senior Tag, in which seniors form teams, come up with team names that the school is best off not acknowledging, and pay five dollars per team member to join. The competition began on March 31st with 32 teams participating. Senior Tag is currently down to the two final teams, “Preme Team” and “Dirty Dan’s Squirt Clan”. The winners receive the pool of fees paid to enter, which is around 800 dollars.

  While freshmen, sophomores, and juniors had their awards ceremonies on May 11th, the seniors on Merit Roll and above got their own special ceremony on Friday, May 12th to get recognition for the good grades they received throughout their time in high school. Special awards were also given out, including scholarships.

  A staple of the senior year experience at Darby is the Senior Camp Out, which takes place the night of their last day of classes in the Grove in front of the school. Everyone brings things from hammocks to tents and spends the night camping and making memories.

  When the seniors wake up from camping, it’s time for the annual pancake breakfast in the commons, in which pancakes are cooked on a griddle and flipped at hungry people as they try to catch one.

  The same day as the breakfast is the Senior Talent Show in which seniors who wish to show off their skills will perform on the stage of the Performing Arts Center for the last time as their fellow classmates watch. Everything from singing and dancing, to reenacting the iconic Kmart commercial, in which male models played jingle bells with bells attached to their underwear, has taken place at the annual Senior Talent Show.

  During these final weeks of the school year, everyone will be on the lookout for the Class of 2017’s senior prank.

   However, the biggest part of senior year is graduation. The important event is taking place on Wednesday, May 24th at the Schottenstein Center in downtown Columbus. For those graduating, this is a moment they’ve been waiting for since the beginning of high school, and their family and classmates will be their to support them.

  The Panther Press wishes all the Seniors graduating good luck in whatever they pursue.

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