Seniors celebrate the end of the year with annual Senior Talent Show

The road to graduation is almost at its end for Darby Seniors. The graduating class of 2019 celebrated their final days at Darby on Friday, May 17 with a Senior lunch and the Senior Talent Show. Every year the Senior class cabinet puts on the show, which is just for seniors on their last day as a student at Darby. This year’s show was one of the most highly anticipated Senior Talent Shows that Darby has ever hosted, and was definitely worthy of the hype.

  The show kicked off with a showing of the class of 2019’s Top Ten video. In the video, beloved senior, Parth Datar, hosted a cooking competition where the rest of the members of the top ten were contestants. A few teachers made guest appearances in the video as judges. Darby Math teacher Brett Miller, English teacher Richard Shoemaker and Math/ Science teacher Richard Chute all participated in the video. The video is a creative way to honor and remember that year’s top ten of the graduating class, and this year’s video is definitely worth a watch.

Jeremy Koebel (12)

  After that, the show began. Mason Bowers introduced the first act, Malachi Reynolds (a.k.a. SPAZZ). Reynold performed an upbeat song to start off the show on a high note.Reynolds has also performed in many other Darby talent shows in his past years as a student, so he had had some experience prior to his performance on Friday. The act following Reynolds was Grace Healy. Healy performed a contemporary dance number for her peers. Although there were some technical difficulties with the music, Healy made the best of the situation and still put on an amazing performance. The next act was Jeremy Koebel and hisyoyo. This may sound a bit amature, but Koebel’s yoyo skills were next level. Far beyond just a kids toy, Koebel wowed the crowd with his tricks during his performance. Following Koebel was Catie Su, performing a hip-hop dance number. Su performed to a mashup of several familiar songs such as “I Like it” by Cardi B. Su was definitely a crowd favorite, as she drew in applause throughout her entire performance.

  Throughout the show, between acts, members of the Senior Class Cabinet would present awards to some of their classmates. However, these weren’t just any awards, they were “Darbies,” and most of the categories were oddly specific and not particularly flattering to their recipients. The bit was definitely a crowd favorite, as the senior class got to call out and poke fun at some of their friends one last time before graduation. A few winners include: Daniel Djelmis for Most Likely to Get in a Twitter Fight, Dominic Iosue for Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket, Parth Datar for Most Likely to Conquer East Russia and Part of Siberia, and Drew Snyder and Zach Leder for Best Bromance. In addition to these there were even more Darbies, some of which were more embarrassing than others.   

  By the end of the show the audience was on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the final act. The band Five Love, made up of members Dominic Iosue, Caleb Long, Frankie Sopko, Seth Schmidt, and Zach Leder, was about to perform. Five Love was one of the most highly anticipated acts of the show, and had been hard at work preparing for their set.

  The band started in the boys’ Academy Vibe class at the ILC. According to Leder the boys passion for music and performance made them a natural fit together and helped propel them to fame.

  “ 5 Love was formed with one goal,” Leder stated, “To become the biggest boy band of all time.”

  Although they still have a ways to go before they are the biggest band of all time, they have gained quite a bit of popularity at Darby. The band started off with the release of their debut single to Soundcloud, titled “Snap Me Back.” The song, combined with their YouTube mockumentary series, which they update weekly, was their recipe for fame.

  Leading up to the talent show, the band practiced religiously so they could master their vocals and choreography. According to Leder, the boys had to adhere to a strict diet of only two McDonalds Breakfast meals a week and mandatory dance lessons throughout the day. On top of that, Leder also added that co-member Long required that all members 

Caleb Long, Dominic Iosue, Frankie Sopko, Seth Schmidt, and Zach Leder of Five Love (left to right)

partake in a personalized facial moisturizing ritual in order to ensure that they “glowed”onstage. Fortunately, all of their hard work paid off onstage, as Five Love left the crowd speechless after their debut performance of their new song “Player” at the talent show. The crowd was left in awe after the first ever Five Love live performance.

  The loyal fans of the band will also be happy to know that Five Love plans to continue making youtube videos and possibly releasing some new music over the Summer.

  “We may or may not drop some new music,” Leder stated, “that depends on if we hear back from some of our frequent collaborators, Beyonce, Drake, Lil Nas X, etc.”

   It’s safe to say that the fans are ready for new music and content from the band this Summer. With such a loyal fanbase, the only downside that Leder could find about being in the band was their struggle to find adversity to overcome as a band.

  “We each plan on writing our own memoirs about our time at 5 Love,” Leder explained, “we hope to be able to recount times when we were faced with adversity and overcame it, which is very difficult to do when everything is so easy.”

  In addition to their lack or struggles, the band has made a lot of great memories and strong bonds that will last a lifetime. Leder explains that his band members are his brothers and Five Love is more than just a boy band, it’s a symbol of love and loyalty. With these talks of loyalty, the question of what will become of Five Love after the Summer begs to be answered. Leder responded with this,

  “5 Love will continue for the rest of our lives whether there is a show and music or not. 5 Love is a lifestyle.”

  With that message to the fans it is clear to see just how special the band has become, not just to the members but to everyone who enjoys their music and videos. Five Love was the perfect wrap up to an already exciting senior talent show. We wish all of the participants good luck at graduation and in their future endeavors.