Senior Talent Show

On Friday, May 18th, seniors said farewell on their last day of high school by showing off their talents. The class of 2018 started their day at 8:30 with a pancake breakfast and then proceeded to go to the auditorium for the talent show.

  Principal Mrs. Brickley started the show off with some reminders for the seniors and a sentimental speech. Time Out, the local Darby rock band, opened the show strong. The band played three songs and one was an original. The original was said to be made in a class that brought back the most memories. They had some minor setbacks on stage with a broken microphone, but all in all they had a great show.

  After Time Out’s performance the Senior Class Cabinet presented the Darbies. Which is a spin off of “The Office” and their own awards named the Dundies. Some of the best awards given out were Biggest Suck Up to Josh Govine, Best Bromance to Chandler Barlow and Ben Gbur, and Worst Driver to Paige Violante. Then they went back to the talent show where there were nine more talents to show. One of the most memorable shown were Bailey Culp and Ryan Cochran lip singing High School Musical’s “Breaking Free.” The two of them had a blast performing.

  “We figured that it would be the last time to do something really funny and memorable, and we wanted to be able to look back on high school with memories of each other and our friends doing stuff that makes us laugh,” said Culp.

  Finishing the talent portion of the show was Jake Vasiloff drumming. The next part of the show was a vine compilation of the teachers and administration. Each vine showed and described how one of the teachers or administrators acted. It got a lot of laughs from the student crowd, as well as some teacher spectators. To wrap up the last day for the class of 2018, the government teacher Mrs.Messick read Oh the Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss. It was an emotional day and we wish the best for the seniors.

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