Senior Girls Basketball player Briana Turner has been a leader on and off the court.

Briana started her athletic career on the junior varsity soccer and basketball teams, and now as a senior, she has been part of the Varsity Soccer and Basketball teams.

     Briana said her favorite part of being on an athletic team is the people. 

“My favorite part about being on a team is definitely seeing my teammates everyday and knowing there is always someone who is going to support me. We always build each other up being a part of a team is so special because you learn so much about everyone you are with,” Turner stated. 

    As part of the soccer team, she was the goalie. During her time, she was a part of the 2017 District Championship team, and the 2018 and 2019 Runner up District Championship teams. She also was named Player of the week by her coaches. 

Lauren Hall, Girls Varsity Soccer Assistant Coach, says Briana has been a leader on the team in many ways with the underclassmen and with the goalies 

    “Briana was a leader to the underclassmen a lot over the summer and throughout the season, getting people coming into the program comfortably, Hall said. “She has always been extra careful to take care of our goalies and our goalie program and make sure the people who have the same position as her feel supported. She does a good job of making sure that the group is closely knit and supported and working together to improve.” 

     On the basketball team, she is the small and power forward. Over her four years, she has played in over 60 games, contributed 30 points, earned OCC Scholar Athlete her senior year, and leaves with a winning record over her varsity career. 

  Tay Tufts, the Girls Varsity Basketball Coaches said she is a leader by example because of her attitude on the court. 

  “When I think of Briana’s leadership to the team- her positive attitude and body language and her desire to listen to instruction to get better,” Tufts said. Some leaders are not extreme vocal leaders, they lead by example. That is how Briana showed her leadership to the team this year. She provided those traits and did so by example.”

     In addition to being an athlete, she participates in different activities and is very committed to her academics. With her 4.7 GPA, she has taken over 5 AP and Dual Enrollment courses. Extracurriculars wise she is an active member of Panther Ambassadors, Senior Cabinet, and NHS and is a coach for Hilliard Special Olympics. 

   Amy Messick, the co- advisor for Senior Cabinet, said Briana about how Briana leads on the Cabinet.

 “She participates in all activities and helps whenever she can. She is often a mediator at meetings between two opposing ideas and helps to come to a compromise.  She leads by example.” Messick stated.

    Briana is committed to being a leader in any way she can. Whether it is by motivating, assisting or guiding you can always find her lending a hand.   

   Coach Hall stated that Briana has done a great job mentoring the younger goalies to follow her.  

   “She has done a good job of leading and growing the goalies to come, ” Hall exclaimed. “Her eye for the field and willingness to communicate within the sport but then also personally with people is something we will definitely miss.”

   As she graduates Coach Tufts hopes the returning players will learn from Briana’s example.

    “I can only hope that  the returning players coming back next season, learn from Briana how to also be a winner off the court as well as on the court -in the classroom and by picking up volunteer activities in the community.”

    Briana definitely sees the value in helping the underclassmen grow. 

   “When the underclassmen feel comfortable it makes the whole team work in unison as a freshman. I was welcomed in by the upperclassmen so I find it very important to give back to the current underclassmen,” Turner said. 

   As she leaves Darby, she wants her legacy to be her attitude on and off the court. 

   “I want to be remembered for my attitude. I always try to stay positive and always be motivating to my teammates. I try to work hard in everything I do on and off the field and court. I just want to be remembered for being that positive uplifting person,” Turner stated. 

    Next year Briana plans to major in Finance at either Indiana University, Ohio State, Illinois or Purdue. No matter where she goes, she will be a leader by her positive attitude, effort she puts in and the example she sets to the people around her.

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