See Slim Jimmy fly at school events

The student section of Darby has a new member, Slim Jimmy, who is full of spirit. He’s a skinny black inflatable air dancer that would normally be found in the parking lot of a car dealership to get the attention of people passing by. Here at Darby he will be found in the stands at the football stadium in the student section going crazy for the Panthers. He might even make appearances at other sporting events this year.
The idea came from the senior class cabinet members after going to the football game against Olentangy High School. The school had an amazing student section and the spirit leaders couldn’t help but envy it. The coolest part was every time the crowd went crazy this blue air dancer popped up to dance around with them. After a discussion with an excited Principal, Joyce Brickley, it was decided that the Darby student section would get one for themselves. After the color was chosen, it was up to Darby faculty to get Slim Jimmy.
To come up with his name, there was a contest. Senior class cabinet members walked around during lunches to take down names from anyone that had an idea. Then, Mrs. Brickley and the cabinet decided on the four best names which were put into a Twitter poll on the Darby Fans twitter page. The winner would win a ticket to the big game that Friday. Slim Jimmy won with 36 percent of the votes. By the next football game against Darby’s rival, Davidson, Slim Jimmy made his appearance on the fence at the front of the student section.
The person behind the name was senior class president, Bailey Culp.
“I figured our guy was a tall slim person who was just another person in our student section, so I tried to to think of things that would make him seem like a regular thing,” Culp said, “Slim popped into my head because he’s obviously a skinny tube man, and Jimmy just seemed to fit the idea of a basic everyday kind of name. It was only after did I realize that the name Slim Jimmy is actually the name of a famous rapper. I think that’s why so many people enjoyed seeing that as a potential name choice.”
The hope is that this new addition will be a tradition that will carry on for years after the current senior class leaves.

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