Security cameras are the first step to safety in Hilliard Schools

After the first week of school, everyone has heard it over and over: the staff can not express enough about the new security cameras put into place. Administration put in 50 new security cameras around the school to ensure the safety of the students. And that’s just it, with all that is going on in the world, Hilliard is taking every precaution to keep its students safe.  

  Matt Middleton, Assistant Principal at Darby, stresses that security is one of the top concerns for the district.

  “Security is a big thing in Hilliard,”  Middleton stated, “Security was one of the main focuses of the 2016 levy in November.”

  The new cameras are there to see who is going in and out of our building and when, but students are not being constantly watched. They are intended to be used if something goes wrong, something is damaged, or if someone is in the building that should not be. To do that the cameras are on all the time. It is not just Darby, all three high schools updated their security systems, even Bradley that opened in 2009 had their system updated.

  Other than the security cameras, a big change that is coming to the system is the outside doors. Instead of having locks on the outside doors, all staff, teachers, and administrators will have key cards to gain access to the school, so they know who is going in and out and when. The reason none of this has happened yet is because of the high cost and the time it takes. Middleton could not express enough how expensive it is for these new safety features, but it was a much needed change that the district voted to pass in the November levy.

  “…For the safety of the students, it doesn’t matter the cost, it’s worth it,” Middleton expressed.

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